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What is a Milestone Session? Mary Bradley Photography | Harrisburg Newborn Photographer

You've probably heard me talk about milestone sessions from time to time. But what is a milestone session? It's actually just as it sounds, any milestone that has been reached! My most popular milestone sessions are sitter sessions and 1st birthday sessions. But that is not the only milestones I photograph. Milestones can range from any birthday (from 1-99 and beyond), to getting a new pet, graduating, a new job (don't forget about headshots!), and many, many more. If you have a milestone, we can capture it for you.

Most of my photo sessions are held in my studio in Fredericksburg, Pa. I prefer studio sessions for many reasons, including the fact that we unfortunately cannot control the weather! I offer a wide variety of backdrops and I'm constantly adding to the collection. That way we can ensure we have the look that is right for you.

If you wish to set up a milestone session, please feel free to reach out so we can talk about your visions! I am excited to hear from you. Please go to and click on the "contact" section.

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