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Let's Normalize Gift Cards for Photos | Mary Bradley Photography | Central Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

I get it, those tiny newborn outfits are the cutest things ever! The tiny little shirts, tiny little socks, little newborn sleepers... they are all SO CUTE! But here's the thing. Babies grow very quickly. More quickly than you can imagine. And those adorable outfits? Some may only be worn once or twice before they end up in the stack of clothes for charity. And the amount of clothing that new parents receive at baby showers can actually be overwhelming to new parents.

Do you want to give new parents something meaningful.....something very special that will last them a lifetime? Something that they can go back and enjoy every day, and pull out every birthday? That is where I come in. I want to make every single photo session so memorable that parents will be talking about these photos for years to come. And imagine the look on mom and dad's face when they realize you have given them a gift that will last an entire lifetime and then some.

This came to my attention a while back when I had someone reach out to me, telling me they were gifting a newborn session to their wife for Christmas. He told me she cried tears of joy when she received that gift. Why don't more people want to gift something this special to new parents? What if everyone at the baby shower was able to donate toward a beautiful newborn session, that mom and dad could have the memories from forever. So I just wanted to put this out there. If you decide you would like to donate toward a photo session I can set up a way for everyone to contribute that would like to. Imagine a new mom finding out that she gets to have this photography experience and you have already taken most of the work out of it for her. Talk about a most joyous gift to receive. Memories. And the thoughtfulness that you put into providing this to new parents. Please reach out to me if you'd like more information on how you could make a new parent's dreams happen for them.

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