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What Was Your Funniest Moment During A Photo Session? Mary Bradley Photography

I've had many embarrassing moments during my career as a photographer. And usually the more embarrassing they are, the funnier they are as well. I once started walking backwards while snapping photos of a couple and tripped on a tree root and landed right on my rump. I also once told a lady in a text (gotta love auto correct) that we would get some shots of baby alien ( it was supposed to say some shots of baby alone). Luckily she also thought it was funny, but I was so embarrassed!

But I think the one that takes the cake was in Arizona. I had stuffed a bucket that I was using as a prop the night before the baby got there with blankets and layers. As mom held baby to get her to sleep I decided to re stuff the bucket as I didn't like how the pieces were laying (anyone that has had newborn photos done by me knows that I am constantly messing with the layers and with baby's fingers to make sure everything looks great). All of a sudden a HUGE wolf spider came up out of that bucket and right into my lap. I screamed and jumped up and started smacking myself all over. Luckily I saw the spider fall off and the dad of the baby calmly walked over and squashed it for me. It took me a good 5 minutes to stop shaking enough to be able to take the baby again. I am so glad I decided to re stuff that bucket and not put baby right in there! Now I check EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Mom and Dad definitely got a good chuckle out of it, and looking back I probably looked like quite a maniac smacking myself trying to get that spider off me!

I want to hear your stories! Let me know your most embarrassing moment in the comments (doesn't have to be at a session).

Picture of a sweet baby girl for fun!

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