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What Is Included With a Cake Smash Session? Mary Bradley Photography Fredericksburg PA

If you have a baby, you may have been planning his/her first birthday theme and party since the day he/she was born. Or, like me, wait until the last minute and then rush to get everything done. You probably see all those cute photos of babies in a little outfit covered in cake and icing and can't wait to see your little one hit that beautiful milestone of being a one year old. But what exactly does a cake smash photo session entail when you book with me? Well for starters you don't have to worry about that huge cake mess at your house. Everything is done right here in my studio! Once you book with me I will ask you some questions to find out about colors and themes that you may be interested in. We will work together to come up with the perfect set up for you. A few days before your session I will send a prep guide for you. Basically a well rested, fed baby will tend to be a happier baby when it comes to taking photos. We will get a couple shots of baby in whatever outfit you bring for them, then change into a cake smashing outfit (I can provide the cake smash outfit as long as you book early enough). Then let the fun begin! Babies sometimes need to be encouraged to dig into that yummy icing, so sometimes I will ask you to put a tiny taste in their mouth. Other times baby will dig right in. I watch for signs that baby is no longer interested, then we clean baby up and wipe down the set to get ready for the bath (included with package 2). The bath can be either a bubble bath or a milk bath and fresh flowers can be added for a pretty touch. Babies normally love the bath part of the session and we get lots of cute smiles and splashes. Don't forget to bring a towel! Baby will want to be warmed up and cuddled after all the excitement.

I did this cake smash recently. This baby girl sure did love the camera. She also loved her cake and the bath afterward. This was an Option 2 package, so it included the second set up as well as the milk bath.

Be sure to book your cake smash before baby turns a year! Sometimes it is hard to get a spot if you wait to long. Enjoy these photos of sweet Raelynn


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