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What is a Rainbow Baby? Mary Bradley Photography, Fredericksburg Pennsylvania

I'm sure many of you have heard the term "rainbow baby", but you may be wondering what exactly that means. No, it's not a really colorful baby. The term refers to a baby born to parents that have lost a previous child. Many times the older sibling was lost to miscarriage or stillbirth. This is most definitely a very devastating time during the parents life. Everything seems dark and stormy during this time. With luck the parents will be able to conceive again. While this does not take away the pain of the loss, it definitely brings lots of happiness. This is referred to the rainbow after the storm, hence the term "rainbow baby".

I have had the honor of capturing a few of these such rainbow babies in images that the parents will be able to cherish for a lifetime. In addition to a normal newborn session I will also add in some set ups to incorporate rainbows.

This is one such baby. She actually had a twin that didn't make it. As the sign says that her mother brought "Not all twins walk side by side, sometimes one has wings to fly". I just wanted to share this post about beautiful baby Mila and hopefully bring some awareness of what a rainbow baby is.

Be sure to book your newborn photo session early to ensure you will have a spot on my calendar! I am located in Fredericksburg, PA but I also serve many other communities such as Meyerstown, Palmyra, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Hershey, and more!

Rainbow Baby  infant loss awareness

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