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What Happens if Baby Comes Early? Central Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

Since babies rarely come on their actual due date, you are probably wondering what happens if baby comes early? Or late? The way I schedule newborns helps to make sure I have plenty of space available when they do decide to make their debut. I put baby in the calendar on their due date and I only schedule a certain number of babies for the month. That way if they come early or late I will definitely have a space for them. Newborns will be born when they are ready and they aren't to concerned with anyone else's schedule. And it is important to get them in to the studio within the first 3 weeks to get the cutest and freshest newborn images of them.

Be sure if you are booking a newborn session to book early so you don't miss your opportunity! I can book you as soon as you are 4 months pregnant.

Up on the blog today is this sweet girl that made her debut about 3 weeks early! She was just the sweetest thing and and already showing some adorable personality.

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