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What Does A Newborn Session With Me Include? Mary Bradley Photography, Lebanon area photographer

Before you book a session with me, you are probably wondering "What all do I get?" For starters I offer a tour of my studio at your initial consultation. A consultation happens once you have booked your session fee. I invite you to come in and see my studio where we will talk about set ups, colors, themes, and so on. We will also go over pricing at this time, and see the amazing products I offer firsthand. I want you to have photos that you will love, so I will ask for your feedback on certain backdrops, props, and colors. If you booked a maternity session you can also try on dresses at this time if you wish.

If you book a newborn session with me, I will put your due date in the calendar to hold your spot. Newborns are tricky and have been known to come early, late, and in very rare instances right on time! So I only book a certain amount of newborns per month to ensure space in the case of early and late arrivals. Newborns are best photographed between one and three weeks, so it is very important to notify me as soon as baby arrives so we can get the final session date scheduled in.

On the day of your session I will have the everything set up when you arrive. I work on baby time, so we let the baby lead the session. If baby is sleepy and content I start the session right away. If baby is wide awake and not so happy we will have plenty of time for soothing and feeding first. I will get in as many set ups as I can within 3 hours. I highly encourage mom, dad, and siblings to be in some of the photos as well. The amount of setups and poses will depend on how well baby cooperates. If baby is particularly fussy I will most likely get them swaddled up and get some beautiful wrapped images.

After your session you can expect to have your photos ready for viewing in one to two weeks. I will ask you to come back in to the studio for your ordering appointment. At this time we will look at all your photos and you will get to choose what you love! I will guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure a stress free experience. This is the day you will order your package and payment is due at this time, so please bring all decision makers to the ordering appointment. Then once your product comes in I will personally deliver it to your home.

I absolutely love photographing newborns and I look forward to meeting each and every one of them and their families. I never got newborn photos of my older kids because it wasn't really a popular thing when they were born. I really wish I had some beautiful newborn images of them now. They grow and change so quickly. I obviously can't go back in time, but I can make sure that others don't miss out on this unique and wonderful opportunity to have beautiful images that will last them a lifetime.

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