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Milk Bath Milestone Session : Mary Bradley Photography : Central PA Newborn/Child Photographer

A milk bath is a fun day to document a milestone. Babies tend to be relaxed and happy in a nice warm bath and it really brings out their personality and smiles. This baby in particular was really trying to figure everything out. She was looking at my light and watching her brothers, and not really to sure about the whole situation. Fortunately she thought her brothers were hilarious and we got some great smiles at the end! Her brothers were such good sports and did what they could to get her to smile. In my studio I work on baby time. I do not rush parents if baby seems to just need some time to warm up. If I think that baby may smile if they have a chance to get used to everything, I will suggest we wait them out. I do not schedule back to back sessions for this purpose, and for the fact that I need to disinfect all surfaces in between sessions.

I hope you enjoy these precious photos of this little girl. She truly made me smile with her big brown eyes and her big smile. Congratulations to mom making it exclusively breastfed this long and continuing the journey.

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