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Cake Smash Session | Mary Bradley Photography | Harrisburg Newborn and Cake Smash Photographer

Let's talk about cake smashes. Most often these sessions are done with one year olds, and occasionally 2 year olds as well. If you are wanting to get a cake smash photo session done, here are some things you should know:

  1. Some babies HATE cake. Not necessarily the taste of the cake, but they hate to get it on their fingers. And that's OK. If this happens at your session we will try a few tricks like putting cheerios or goldfish on the cake. But even if they want nothing to do with it we will still get good shots. Please don't stress!

  2. It may seem at times that I am rushing through. Babies this age lose interest real fast. If I decide to move on to the next set, that means that I feel we have some great images and I want to move on BEFORE baby loses interest or gets over tired.

  3. Cake Smashes can get pretty messy. You may end up with more cake on yourself than is on the baby. Please do not wear anything that you are afraid may get stained.

  4. We go with the flow. All babies are different, with different personalities. Some will take longer to warm up to the idea than others. And that is perfectly fine by me. Others may dig right in to the cake. Also great!

  5. Please bring a towel to your session.

  6. And finally, please just enjoy the process. It can be stressful when baby doesn't cooperate, but coming from a mommy of 6 you will cherish these photos someday. Even the ones where they are crying. In fact, some of those crying photos have ended up being my favorites years later.

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